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Although Xigang was just a small town in Tainan, but its territory was mostly comprised of farmland and only few minutes away from Cigu. So Xigang was abundant in agricultural and aquacultural resources. Most of shops or venders in Xigang are located on Qing An road and Zhong Shan road, in particular around Qing An temple. If you're looking for some tasty foods, in the morning you can go to Xigang public market, in which you can find all kinds of delicatessen and fresh food; in the night time, apart from those street venders on Qing An road, you can find more other choices every Tuesday and Friday in night market.

Even though there's very few restaurants in Xigang (actually most of them are just eateries or luncheonettes, not official restaurants), but still there're some particular dishes only available in market stalls or street stands which may win your heart. The shops or stands pinpointed in following map are most recommended.

stinky tofu
Taiwanese sausage
night market
fried chicken
mutton chowder
fish chowder

pineapple chicken

rice cake
beef noodles