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Visitors who came to Qing An temple were motivated by different purposes. Either to pay homage or to make wishes to divinities. Most of them come in haste and leave in hurry, hardly have time paid attention to the beauty of this charming temple. The interior and exterior decor in Qing An temple are similar to those large temples in Taiwan. But from my viewpoint, becuaes the decor in Qing An temple was made by different masters throughout several decades. So their designs were much divere and styles much vivid. You can find masterpieces everywhere in this temple, such as ceramic figures on the roofsĦBrelief sculptures on the wallsĦBexquisite carving on ceilings and august statues in the shrines. Each of them was breathtaking and depicting different legend or myth from ancient China. Next time if you have chance to visit Qing An temple, please linger for a while to enjoy the beauty of this charming temple.