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The foundation of Qing An temple should be traced back to 1661, that time when Koxinga disembarked at Luermen and seized Fort Provintia, he assigned one squadron to station in Houying. There's someone in troops expert in geomancy. He recognized that Xigang was located in an extraordinary geographic spot which called as "Lair of holy carp". So he counseled residents in Xigang to raise fund and construct a temple for deities. That time when Koxinga sailed from Kinmen to Taiwan, he brought 3 statues along with flee --- one is Mazu (Guardian of Marine), which was later on relocated to Luermen temple; the other two is Cheng Huang (Guadian of town) and Nalakuvara (or Nezha in Mandarin), which have been kept in Qing An temple 'till today. At beginning the temple was small and humble, so residents in Xigang made first renovation in 1712 and appealed to Luermen temple for a replica Mazu. After acquisition of replica Mazu, people in Xigang renamed the temple as Qing An and esteemed Mazu as the chief of Qing An temple.

Qing An temple had been through 6 times of renovation, respectively in 1712ĦB1847ĦB1901ĦB1930ĦB1947 and 1971. In 1958 the directorate of Qing An temple decided to expand two other constructions at rear, which including central pavilion and a hall for deities of underworld. Then in 1992, in addition to reconstruct the central pavilion and rear hall, the directorate concurred to increase 2 arcades and 4 other chambers at rear for more deities.

Nowadays Qing An temple has comprised 2 large hallsĦB8 chambersĦBone central pavilion and 2 arcades, dedicated to deities covering Emperor Yu Huang (the Supreme Lord of celestial, mortal and the nether realm), The Primitive Triad, Guardian of North Stars, Guardian of South Stars, Mazu, Guardian of Land, Guardian of Childbirth, Nalakuvara, Dharmapala Guan, Koxinga, Cheng Huang, Guardian of health, Sovereign of Mount Tai, Ksitigarbha, Bodhisattva Guanyin, Mian Ran, Rulers of purgatory courts, Bodhisattva Marici, Tai Sui, Saint Guru Zhang, PuHua & WangLing, Marshal Kang & Xin, Superintendent Fan & Xie and Wang Yeh (Royal Devine Emissaries).
photoed in 1976 (at that time Xigang elementary school was across from Qing An temple)
photoed in 1992
photoed in 2009