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In February 2009, Xigang Festival was certificated by Ministry of Culture as one of the most valuable intangible cultural heritages in Taiwan. Though Xigang Festival has been existing for 228 years and cherished by residents in Xigang¡BJiali¡BCigu and Anding. But frankly it was not really esteemed by government until year 2000, on which DPP replaced KMT as the ruling party. Since then mass media such as TV stations or news papers have paid more attention to this significant event. But still most of reports they made were either too shallow or made no points.

Even though mass media was not capable of providing in-depth details about Xignag Festival, but because digital cameras have become prevalent in past few years, then together with help from web including Blog¡BYoutube and Facebook, Xigang Festival was able to be factually recorded and widespread by general public. The following documentary was shot by Miss Yu Ching Chen in year 2006, in which it artlessly depicted the course of 2006 Xing Festival. Despite the footage was only 30 minutes, it honestly revealed that the accomplishment of Xigang Festival was mostly attributed to general public, not by government. As quoted from one of the interviewees in this documentary --- ¡§We did with joy and bore with pleasure¡¨ --- just a few words simply express the essence which hides behind Xigang Festival.