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The photos which used in following footage were taken 33 years ago. It evidenced the passage of Xigang Festival in year 1979. At that time Xigang was still a typical farming village. Across from Qing An temple it used to be Xigang Elementary school (before 1977). Back in 1979, Taiwan was just starting to leap from an agricultural society into industrialized country. Private cars were not prevalent then. Hence people relied a lot on public bus transportation. For pilgrims who came in long distance to Xigang Festival, may not be able to return to their houses every evening during the course of festival. So at that time Xigang Elementary school was open to general public after school hours, which allow pilgrims to get a wash or lodging every night.

The Xigang Elementary school was relocated to Jing Xue Street in 1977. Now right across from Qing An temple it was a big residential compound. Since 1986 Taiwan has become a well-industrialized country, it's easier and faster to travel between towns or cities within the same day by private cars. Though nowadays pilgrims don't have to stay in Xigang for entire day throughout the course of festival, but I still miss the old time before 1979 --- everyone you met in festival was enthusiastic and unsophisticated. Please enjoy the following footage and hopefully it'll bring back all the best memories to you, just like yesterday once more.