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Chia Hsiang Bakery

Chia Hsiang bakery is one of the famous bakery brands in Taiwan. You can find their stands in almost every night market from north to south. Apart from street outlets, they also have chain stores in big cities. The owners of Chia Hsiang bakery were starting from street vender many years ago. They sold quality breads and cakes with cheap prices in night market. Their business kept growing and few years ago they built a plant in Xigang to supply various breads and cakes to associated street venders in southern Taiwan. Then their business grew even faster. In 2010 they relocated to another new plant. Nowadays they provide more than 200 kinds of breads、cakes、pastries、biscuits、muffins and birthday cakes to their chain stores and street outlets everyday. The store on Qing An road is the first one in their chain store network. It's just few minutes away from their home plant. So you can always have hot fresh bakery in this store every morning and evening.