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Beef noodles

Even though this stall was opened in 2011, but the owner was the son of the legendary chef, Mr. Li-Chi-Nan, who created the most famous Pai-Ku-Fan (a dish with simmered pork tenderloin and vegetables on top of rice) in Xigang. Mr. Li founded a restaurant in Xigang before 1960. Apart from his well-known Pai-Ku-Fan, he was also one of the best caterers in Tainan at that time. For sure he made a big fortune, therefore in 1981 he closed restaurant and retired from cookery business. Probably was bored of nothing to do, his son decided to open a stall and selling beef noodles in late 2011. Their beef noodles are as tasty as the dishes which they used to had before. So even though it's just open for few months, it already attacks lots of patrons who hunger for their recipes for decades.