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Pineapple chicken

Still there're lots of people in Taiwan following Lunar calendar to carry on traditional custom or rituals. Usually on the day of traditional event such as Chinese Lunar New Year eve、Tombs Day、Dragon-boat festival、Ghost festival … etc., people would set a table ahead of front door and dedicated different sacrifices (foods) to divinities or wondering ghosts. There're 3 items regarded as "MUSTs" on table, which are chicken、pork and fish.

Family Tsai is one of the well-known caterers in Tainan. On that day of such traditional event, they would prepare special recipes including "Pineapple Chicken"、"Pork Roll" and "Seafood Chowder". Among them "Pineapple Chicken" is most favored. The "Pineapple Chicken" was a chicken firstly marinated with home-made source, then starched、deep-fried and simmered in special gravy which made of pineapple and various vegetables. They would prepare more than 800 chickens each time. But because their patrons are all over Madou、Jiali、Cigu、 Anding and Tainan. So when they open in the morning at 06:00, those Pineapple Chickens were always sold out within 2 hours.

Family Tsai only prepare such recipes on traditional holidays. So if you really want to buy, you'd better to pay attention to such traditional events and make reservation beforehand.