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When visitors came to Xigang for first time, the first dish which may impress them was Pai-Ku-Fan (a dish with simmered pork tenderloin、light-fried shrimps and vegetables on top of rice). The Xigang “Pai-Ku-Fan” was created by Mr. Li-Chi-Nan before 1960. He is the legendary chef in Xigang and also one of the best carters in Tainan from 1960 to 1980. In 1981 he retired from cookery business and passed on his recipe of Pai-Ku-Fan to his nephew Mr. Chen. Mr. Chen started from a small stand in Xigang market in 1982. But now his stall has covered 1/8 of space in Xigang market. He handed over this stall to his kids few years ago. Even though now his kids are handling everything, but the taste was as bravo as it was before.

This stall opens from 10:00 to 13:00. Although it only sells Pai-Ku-Fan, but when it opens at 10:00, it's always a long queue in front of their stall. Usually their Pai-Ku-Fan was sold out before 12:30. So if you want to taste their recipe, it's better to be there before 11:30.