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Wen-Wu-Lang Chuan was another musical troupe originated in Jaili. It's said that it was extended from either Nanguan or Tien-Tzu-Men-Sheng. Chen Shan temple is the host who founded Wen-Wu-Lang-Chun. Apart from Wen-Wu-Lang-Chun, Chen Shan temple has one another troupe "Gendarmerie of the Nether World". In Chinese characters, "Wun" means anything gentle and educative while "Wu" is related to something martial and aggressive. So this musical troupe is considered as "Wen" and Gendarmerie is prone to "Wu". During the course of Xigang Festival Parade, these 2 troupes would escort palanquins of Chen Shan temple, just like "Think Tank" (Wen) and "Bodyguard" (Wu). That's why they named this musical troupe as Wen-Wu-Lang-Chun. (Lang-Chung is courteous way to call "gentleman" in ancient China).