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It's a musical performance originated from a Chinese fiction "Biography of LiWa" in Tang Dynasty (A.D. 618~907). As it's written, Cheng Yuan-Ho was a rich kid from noble family. He went to capital Chang'an to attend imperial examination. But on his way to Cheng'an, he stayed in a brothel and fell in love with a prostitute LiWa. He squandered all his money in that brothel and was kicked out 'till he spent it all. In order to make his living, he became a panhandler and tried to get back to his hometown. His father though that he had disgraced the family and expelled him out of town. He lived in extreme destitution until one day he met LiWa again, who already left brothel and went straight. She took care of Cheng Yuan-Ho and encouraged him to carry on his study. Eventually he went to Chang'an to attend imperial examination again and scored number one in different tests. The story came to a happy ending between LiWa and Cheng Yuan-Ho.

Tien-Tzu-Meng-Sheng literally means the number one winner in imperial examination. Then the musical style it played was the rhyme which created by Cheng Yuan-Ho when he lived on street as panhandler.