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SuLang going to marry

Troupe "SuLang going to marry" was inspired by a Japanese folksong "Soran Bushi". It was originally created by fishermen in Hokkaido. The refrain "Soran ~Soran"¡B"Dokkoisyo~ Dokkoisyo" was sung repeatedly throughout the lyrics, which is to encourage fishermen during their work in the ocean. Then in 1963 a Taiwanese singer quoted the refrain and released a cover version with title as ¡§SuLang going to marry¡¨. The name "SuLang" was actually a homonym from "Soran".

The cover song "SuLang going to marry" depicted a guy deeply in love with lady SuLang. But SuLang was betrothed to someone else since young. So on the day she was married, he suppressed his emotions watching the bridal procession going away. In 1966, a performance crew in Tainan was inspired by this song, then formed the troupe in the name of "SuLang going to marry". The troupe comprises more than 35 people dressed in Kimonos, acting different characters including bride¡B matchmaker¡Bporters and escorts. But nowadays most other troupes which you saw in other towns or cities, may only have 6~8 people, dressed in Taiwanese clothing, acting as bride¡Bmatchmaker and porters respectively.