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Golden Lion

Troupe Golden Lion was actually descended from Song Jiang. It comprises 38 people performing Song Jiang formation, plus another 2 persons disguised as lion playing in between. In Chinese tradition, people tended to use different creatures to symbolize something particular. For instance, dragon symbolizes "emperor", phoenix symbolizes "eternity", Grus or turtle symbolizes "longevity" and lion symbolizes "power". So the presence of lion would make the troupe look more dynamic and spirited.

The "Lion" which was played in Xigang was different from those in China¡BHongKong or north part of Taiwan. Firstly, it's not that furry as compared to China's or HongKong's lions; secondly its face was red with a look more like wrathful Buddha; thirdly its motion was fast and furious, mostly engaged in combat or interaction with their Song Jiang troupers.