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Troupe Grus was descended from Song Jiang as well. It comprises 40 people performing Song Jiang formation, plus another 2 persons disguised as Grus and kid playing in between. In Chinese tradition, people tended to use different creatures to symbolize something particular. For instance, dragon symbolizes "emperor", phoenix symbolizes "eternity", Grus or turtle symbolizes "longevity" and lion symbolizes "power".

Troupe Grus was founded in 1928 by Pao An temple of Cigu. It was inspired by a folklore with respect to Guardian of Canopus. As told, the Guardian of Canopus was an old man with extreme long life. The Grus (Grus japonensis) was his saddler and the kid was his disciple. During the performance the grus and kid would make interaction with Song Jiang troupers.

The troupe of Pao An temple is the first one as well as the only one in Taiwan in the name of troupe Grus.