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Gendarmerie of the Nether World

Troupe "Gendarmerie of the Nether World" comprises 9 members in charge of different functions ----

"Gendarmerie of the Nether World" is one of the most common troupes in Taiwan. The number of trouper was ranging from 5 ~ 13, but mostly was nine. Because it was regarded as a religious troupe, thus they don't make any performance which has to do with entertainment. Their main duty is to escort palanquins in course of parade. Therefore they would scare away any visitors or intruders who stand in the way of procession.

Besides, during the course of procession, they're not allowed to speakĦBlaughĦBeatĦBsmoke or even drink. There're more other taboos they have to follow while carrying on the roles in procession.