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Drum dance

"Drum dance" was originated from "cheering squad" in 17th century. That time when Koxinga trained soldiers in close combat, he held matches which allow contestants to fight against each other. During the course of combat, there're 3 persons playing drum and gongs, moving along with contestants, to arouse their passion and enthusiasm. Then later on this practice was imitated by general public and became a traditional performance in religious events. The troupe comprises 8 persons : one wielding ensign, two playing archaic parasols, one drummer in the central conducting troupe with drum-beat, then another four playing along with gongs. They twisting¡Bhopping and changing formation throughout the course of performance, may improvise some acrobatics as interlude.

There're male troupe as well as female troupe --- the movement of male troupe was moderate and steady while female troupe was nimble and versatile. The troupe from Pao Tien temple of Shuang-Chang-Pu was said to preserve the most classic performance style in Taiwan.