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Tai Sui

In Chinese zodiac, Tai Sui is a fictitious star vis-a-vis Jupiter. It orbits along ecliptic every twelve years. As a result, the ancient Chinese people created a sexagenary system to depict the cycle of lunar calendar. It's said that every 12 years is a small cycle, then every 60 years is a big cycle. Each year there's a divinity acting for Emperor Yu Huang to look after living being in this mortal world. So altogether there're 60 divinities taking shifts year after year watching over living beings. They were collectively named as Tai Sui.

Even though Tai Sui was esteemed as "guardian of year", but according to Chinese mythology, Tai Sui may also bring negative effect to people who born in particular year. For example, 2012 is the year of Dragon, it's said that for people who born in year of DragonĦBDog and Ox, are liable to bad luck because of Tai Sui. Therefore those people may go to temple to pay homage to Tai Sui in order to evade bad luck.