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PuHua & WangLing

PuHua was reverenced as Lord of Thunder, in command of a crew which manipulates lightning and thunder. In Chinese mythology, thunder stands for the power of justice and punishment. Therefore the Lord of Thunder serves the same function as dharmapala of Taoism.

WangLing was worshipped by people in Xiangyin of ancient China. He used to be divinity of fire, featured with 3 eyes and red-faced. In order to please WangLing, people in ancient Xiangyin dedicated children as sacrifice to WangLing. A Taoism master who possesses supernatural power regarded it as savage and refuted such custom. So he evoked thunder to demolish WangLing's temple. WangLing felt disgraced, so he appealed to Emperor Yu Hunag for vengeance. Emperor Yu Huang instructed WangLing to monitor that Taoism master, said if that Taoism master conducting any behavior which was unrighteous, WangLing would have the right to avenge on him. But after 12 years of monitorship, WangLing could not find any faults with that master and was impressed by his virtuousness. So WangLing relinquished his prejudice and determined to be a disciple of that master. Then consequently WangLing became one of dharmapalas in Taoism.