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Pavilion YuMen

YuMen is geographical gorge in upstream of Yellow River in mainland China. The water which flew through YuMen gorge was raging and turbulent. As legend has it, every year in season of spring, lots of yellow carps flocked in YuMen gorge, swam in reflux, strived to leap over YuMen waterfall. If any of them accomplished it, it'd be transformed into a dragon. Because Qing An temple was located in a geographic phenomenon named as ˇ§lair of holy carpˇ¨. So committee of Qing An temple built a pavilion in the name of YuMen, to highlight the icon of Qing An temple.

Pavilion YuMen was built in year 1958. At beginning it was 3-storied construction with a giant carp on the roof. Then in 1992 the committee pulled down the old construction and replaced it by a 6-storied new building. Since then the Pavilion YuMen has become the landmark of Xigang. On ground floor it's an open space allowing people to carry out different activities; the floor from 2nd to 4th served as show rooms displaying antique costumesˇBinstrumentsˇBepigraphy or inscriptions which were used in Qing An temple in the past. On roof it was mounted with statues including 8 carps and 1 dragon, surrounding a giant carp in the middle, depicting the story of Yu Men and symbolized the advent of Wang Yeh.