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Sovereign of Mount Tai

In Chinese mythology, Pangu was an enormous giant. Before his birth, the whole universe was nothing but a big chaos, Pangu was born and grew in between. He cleft Ying-Yang and turned chaos into a cosmic universe, then earth and sky emerged consequently. When Pangu passed away, his head and limbs became the 5 significant mountains in mainland China. Among them, Mt. Tai was in the east and foremost. Because sun always rises in the east, therefore Mt. Tai was generally associated with renewal and rebirth in ancient China. It's said that Mt. Tai was in twilight zone between the live and dead, so Mt. Tai was regarded as the passage to hell. For this reason the Sovereign of Mount Tai was the divinity who governed the passage to hell. All the deceased was transferred to here for trial before transit to heaven or hell.

before 1976

In this chamber, apart from the statue "Sovereign of Mount Tai", there're other attendant spirits who in charge of different functions, including houndingĦBarrestingĦBinvestigating and judicial.