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Dharmapala Guan

Divinity Guan was a legendary war hero in post-Han dynasty. He was well known for his bravery, integrity and loyalty. Though he was captured and sentenced to death by enemy. But after his death, he was honored by emperors in following dynasties and venerated as Guardian of Warriors. In addition, Divinity Guan was also esteemed as Dharmapala of Buddhism, Confucianism and Taoism. Guan's statue was enshrined in the chamber in front left of Qing An temple. Ahead of his statue, you can find another two sages --- one is Quan Ping, the eldest son of Guan; the other is Zhou, who was the henchman of Guan. Then in the corner there's another statue which was the staunch horse of Guan.

before 1976