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The Primitive Triad

The Primitive Triad (YaoˇBShun and Yu) were considered to be the most virtuous sovereigns in ancient China. It's said that three of them were sons of Prime Celestial Lord, transmigrated themselves into mortal world as leaders of ancient China. Yao established the fundamentals of Chinese astronomy and calendar; Shun formed the basis of agriculture; then Yu relieved people from the thread of flood and created the foundation of hydraulic engineering. So people glorified Yao as the Divinity of Astral, Shun as the Divinity of Earth and Yu as the Divinity of Aqua.

Emperor Yu Huang

In Taoism, Emperor Yu Hunag was esteemed as the Supreme Lord of celestialˇBmortal and nether world. In some cases he was also referred as Sakra in Buddhism. As legend has it, Yu Hunag used to be a prince of remote antiquity. When he was young, he's known for his wisdom and generosity, always contributed his belongings to those in poverty or suffering. Then when he grew up, he gave away his throne and secluded himself in mountain for monasticism. He'd been through hundred million times of transmigration, gradually cultivating himself and became a supreme spirit of this universe.

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Guardian of North and South Stars

In Chinese astrology, there're approximately 111 celestial stars which defines the fortune or destiny of every human being. Among them, 7 principal stars in north vault and another 6 in south vault. They were dominated by 2 divinities, which known as Guardian of North Stars (who decreed the death of living beings) and Guardian of South stars (who determined the life of living beings).