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Royal Ship in flames

After 3 days of hustle and bustle, eventually the festival has come to the end --- time to send Royal Ship into flames. Eight o'clock on Monday morning, the square in front of Qing An temple was crowded with people, queued up in long line, one after the other, hold on tight to two thick ropes, waiting for the signal to tug Royal Ship out of shelter and drag it to the open field nearby Zeng Wun river. The field where the ship was relocated, was stacked up with hundreds tons of donation (mostly joss paper) from pilgrims in past few weeks. When Royal Ship arrived, it was hoisted by a truck crane and settled in the center of paper stacks. After series of ceremonies, when it came to 10 o'clock sharp, the committee ignited paper, within few minutes the ship was overwhelmed by huge flames. All palanquins and troupes which attend ceremony, would circle around the flaming ship for 3 times, then left that field and return to their villages. 'Till then the festival has officially come to the end.

While ship was in flames, most people still stood around waiting for the main-mast to tumble down. As legend has it, the aspect or direction in which the mast may fall upon, would receive bliss from Wang Yeh in next 3 years.