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Invocation of Mazu

The host divinity of Qing An temple is Mazu, which was a replica granted by Luermen temple in 1712. One day before festival, all participants would congregate in Qing An temple again, then parade to Luermen temple to salute Mazu and invite her to attend Xigang Festival. All participants, including palanquinsĦBtroupesĦBvolunteers from different villages or temples, would join in the procession, patrol from village to village, temple to temple. The procession leaves Qing An temple in the early morning at 06:00, arrives in Luermen temple at noon, then carries on to visit other villages. When procession returns to Qing An temple, it'd be already 2 o'clock past midnight.
2012 Invocation of Mazu - procession returned to Qing An temple at midnight