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Invocation of Wang Yeh

2 days before Festival, all participants who attend Xigang Festival, would congregate in front of Qing An temple at 18:00, then set out to an open field nearby Zeng Wun river and hold a ceremony to salute Wang Yeh's attendance to Xigang Festival. The ceremony was hosted by a Taoism abbot. During the ceremony, the abbot would recite particular Taoism prayer, "illuminate" all divine replicas which dedicated to Wang Yeh, then again pray for Wang Yeh's approval by casting Jiaobei. As soon as receiving the sign of approval, the participants would shoot off fireworks and return to Qing An temple in preparation for the parade which takes place in next four days.
2012 Invocation of Wang Yeh - procession returned to Qing An temple at midnight