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After Chinese Lunar New Year celebration, there're only 3 months to Xigang Festival. Those villages which associated with Qing An temple, would recruit volunteers to setup troupes in order to participate the parade in Xigang Festival. Every evening the volunteers mustered in front yard of their temple, received training from seniors or instructor. The training may take 2~3 months.

When training was finished, the chief of each temple would choose a day (usually on weekend), take the troupe to Qing An temple and make premiere in front of Wang Yeh and general public. So usually during the weekend throughout March to April, the square ahead and behind Qing An temple were crowded with touristsĦBjournalists and photographers from everywhere to view the performance.

After premiere in Qing An temple, the troupe may receive several invitations from residents in downtown Xigang. Those residents invite the troupe to make performance again in front of their houses. One of reasons was wishing to bring good luck to the family which lives in that house; the other reason is that --- those residents who sent such invitation, used to live in same village as the troupe, but for certain reasons they moved to downtown Xigang afterwards. So by giving such invitation, the residents have a chance to reunite with their fellow villagers, treat them with nice meals and support them with monetary sponsorship after their performance.
Volunteers who participated the troupe of each village were gathered in front of their temple, made rehearsal every evening.
2012-04-22 : on that day 10 different troupes made Premiere in Qing An temple