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Keel is a large beam running through bottom of ship from the bow to the stern, serves as spine of ship. Prior to Xigang Festival, Qing An temple would build a ship (named as Royal Ship), load it with tribute or donation from followers, then dedicate it to Wang Yeh. So 12 months before festival, the committee of Qing An temple have to locate some large Ficus trees in Xigang, in order to find a good timber and shape it into keel for construction of Royal Ship. The committee would enlist 5~6 Ficus trees in different villages, then ask for Wang Yeh's decision by casting Jiaobei. If the tree was chosen, then 9 months prior to festival, the committee would send palanquins to the designated location, cut the timber and bring it back to Qing An temple. Since then the preparation of Xigang Festival was officially launched. The committee would assign a master to process the timber into keel, then starts construction of Royal Ship. The construction may take 4 months, usually finished before the forthcoming Chinese Lunar New Year celebration. When the ship was finished, it'll be berthed by Qing An temple waiting for the coming of festival.