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Xigang, literally interpreted as "West Haven", is a small town located in the west of Tainan、across ZengWun river and surrounded by Madou、Jiali、Cigu and Anding. Before 1823, Xigang was just a humble village nearby Taijiang Lagoon. The name "Xigang" was most likely derived from 2 respective sources ---

In 1661 when Koxinga landed in Luermen, he sent a squadron to station in Houying as backup. There's someone in troops acquainted with geomancy, aware that Xigang was lying on a geographic phenomenon known as "lair of holy carp". He convinced residents in Xigang, said if they construct a temple and dedicate it to deities, this village will be blessed and prosperous afterwards. Subsequently people in Xigang started to raise fund, then shortly after built up the first temple. At beginning the temple was dedicated only to Cheng Huang (Guardian of town) and Nalakuvara (or Nezha in Mandarin). Then throughout Qing dynasty to 1964, Qing An temple had been through 6 times of renovation, then more other deities were invited into this coalition. The latest renovation was finished in 1994, which finalized the overall layout of Qing An temple. The acreage of Qing An temple is close to 1500 square meter. The roofs are adorned with hundreds of ceramic figures which sourced from Chinese mythological characters and creatures. Inside the temple the vaults are covered by gold foil, that's why Qing An temple earns another name as "Golden Temple".

Xigang was well-known for ritual festival which takes place every three years. It's originated from 1784 and acclaimed to be the oldest and largest religious festival in Taiwan. In February 2009, Xigang Festival was certified by government as one of the most significant intangible cultural heritages in Taiwan. Though 2012 festival already finished on May 07. But still we'd like to invite you to experience this sacred but joyful event again in 2015. I believe you'll be impressed by those friendly people whomever you encounter in this small town.